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Fibonacci Levels Create Key Support for S&P 500

Why 1976 Is Relevant On The S&P 500 Index Math plays a big role in nature and the financial markets. Many trading algorithms use Fibonacci retracement levels to identify areas where buyers may become interested (support). The math below may be … [Read More...]


Warren Buffett says, The Market is a “Drunken Psycho”

When we look at the recent volatility of the market it is easy to become depressed, confused or just plain frustrated (or perhaps even a little of each). Even the legendary investor Warren Buffet says the market is like a "Drunken Psycho", so what … [Read More...]

Gold Trend lines

Using Trend Lines and Identifying Support and Resistance

One of the most basic skills necessary when looking at a stock chart is using trend lines and identifying support and resistance. Unfortunately, sometimes as we learn more sophisticated methods we tend to forget the basics. So if you are just … [Read More...]


Market Trends Diverging

Today we are going to take a look at two common stock market charts that individually tell opposite stories but when combined give us an interesting insight into the overall market. The first chart is the S&P 500. As I'm sure you are aware the … [Read More...]

S&P 500 - Overhead Resistance

4th Try at Breaking Above Resistance- Video

The market has seen a definite resistance line since it first tested 2000 back in July. It's second attempt to break through came in September and the third attempt came in late November and early December and now it is trying to break out to the … [Read More...]

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