Bonds Continue To Flash Warning Signs For Stocks

  When investors are fearful, common sense tells us demand picks up for more conservative assets, which is exactly what happened early Monday morning. From Bloomberg: “Signs of distress in financial markets are gathering force as concern … [Read More...]

How Is The Bullish 1994 Stock Analogy Holding Up?

In today's post Chris Ciovacco of Ciovacco Capital gives us some interesting insight into the current market situation and answers the question: Is the Market Rallying or is it just a "counter-trend" rally? He also discusses the three Market … [Read More...]

How Protective Stops Keep You on the Right Side the Trend

By Elliott Wave International On a recent vacation to the Yucatan, my friend decided to get certified in scuba diving. I, on the other hand, prefer breathing my air above water! But I did tag along with her to one of the classes, anyway. She … [Read More...]

Stock Market Breadth: Is It Really That Bad?

2015 Breadth Versus 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011 Market breadth speaks to the percentage of stocks participating in a stock market rally. All things being equal, the broader the participation the healthier the market. In this article, we will … [Read More...]

Retesting Market Lows Seeking Support

No Improvement So Far Given the severity of the selloff in stocks in late August, it was not surprising to see the subsequent rally attempts fail. As we noted numerous times in recent weeks, including September 3 and September 17, bottoms tend to be … [Read More...]

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