Tips for Trading Options with Elliott Waves

EWI Senior Tutorial Instructor talks about the benefits of applying Elliott waves to options trading By Elliott Wave International In this new interview, Wayne Gorman, the head of the Educational Resources Department at Elliott Wave … [Read More...]

Is Dow Theory Telling Us The Stock Rally Is Going To Fail?

Dow Theory Non-Confirmation The charts below show the Dow Jones Transportation Average has failed to print a new high above the previous high made in 2015. Given the Dow has made a new high, a Dow Theory non-confirmation remains in effect. What … [Read More...]

How Does 2016 Compare To Stock Market Peaks In 2000 And 2007?

Today Chris Ciovacco of Ciovacco Capital Management looks at the current market situation of the S&P 500 using the 50 day and 200 day moving average... how does the current situation compare to previous crashes? ~Tim McMahon, editor. A … [Read More...]

Something Strange in the Gold Market

 Gold has a strong negative correlation to other assets. That means that when other markets fall gold can hold steady or even rise. This makes it the ultimate portfolio insurance. Central banks are using gold in this manner to reduce their portfolio … [Read More...]

Key Charts For Fed Day

The 1994 case demonstrates the longer stocks go sideways, the bigger the move we can expect after a successful breakout. However, even under the successful breakout scenario, a retest of prior resistance may be in the cards, which is exactly what … [Read More...]

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