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Economic Cycles of Energy and Technology

Everything moves in cycles whether it is the price of a barrel of oil, the overall stock market, real estate or technology. So where is it heading from here? Are we in for a boom or a bust? That is always the key question. Is it time to be skeptical … [Read More...]

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Fibonacci Levels Create Key Support for S&P 500

Why 1976 Is Relevant On The S&P 500 Index Math plays a big role in nature and the financial markets. Many trading algorithms use Fibonacci retracement levels to identify areas where buyers may become interested (support). The math below may be … [Read More...]


Warren Buffett says, The Market is a “Drunken Psycho”

When we look at the recent volatility of the market it is easy to become depressed, confused or just plain frustrated (or perhaps even a little of each). Even the legendary investor Warren Buffet says the market is like a "Drunken Psycho", so what … [Read More...]

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Using Trend Lines and Identifying Support and Resistance

One of the most basic skills necessary when looking at a stock chart is using trend lines and identifying support and resistance. Unfortunately, sometimes as we learn more sophisticated methods we tend to forget the basics. So if you are just … [Read More...]


Market Trends Diverging

Today we are going to take a look at two common stock market charts that individually tell opposite stories but when combined give us an interesting insight into the overall market. The first chart is the S&P 500. As I'm sure you are aware the … [Read More...]

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