3 Reasons Now is Not the Time to Speculate in Stocks

Sometimes the investment weather forces you to ‘buy a coat,’ says Robert Prechter When it’s sunny, you head outside without a thought, but when it’s rainy, you look for your umbrella. When the markets are trending up, you don’t worry about your investments much, but when the markets turn bearish … what do you do? […]

Enjoy 8 Free Chapters from Robert Prechter’s Conquer the Crash

Now in the 2nd edition, Robert Prechter’s New York Times and Wall Street Journal business best-seller Conquer the Crash remains a very useful read. To give you an idea of just how useful, we are releasing 8 chapters of the book to all 150,000+ free members of Elliott Wave International’s Club EWI. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 23, ‘What To Do With Your Pension Plan.’ Enjoy.

What To Do With Your Pension Plan

There is no question that Robert Prechter’s Conquer the Crash foresaw and explained nearly every chapter of today’s financial crisis, years before it happened. Enjoy your 8 free chapters from the book with this free Club EWI report; here’s an excerpt from chapter 23, “What To Do With Your Pension Plan.” Note especially the last two paragraphs.

Bob Prechter’s “Conquer The Crash”: Eight Chapters For Free

When EWI President Robert Prechter sat down to write the first edition of “Conquer The Crash” in 2002, the idea that the United States would enter a period of what news authorities coined “economic Armageddon” several years later was unheard of. Anticipating the “sea change” that would come in the economic, political, and social landscape is the unparalleled achievement of Prechter’s best-selling book.