Did You See the 30% Rise in This Major Global Stock Index?

In this video Robert Folsom shows the indicators leading the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index to gain 30% in 9 months. 

What Does “Paddle-boarding” Have to do with Speculating?

Sometimes when your mind is in the “Zone” unusual correlations will just pop into your head. According to Wikipedia, “The eureka effect (also known as the aha! moment or eureka moment) refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.”   An editor of Elliott Wave International had a eureka aha moment while paddle-boarding and in this article, he looks at Elliott Wave Setups, Cocoa and surprisingly how that correlates to of all things Paddle Boarding. ~ Tim McMahon, editor.

Trump Bump Slaughters Market Bears

Much of the post-US election rally in the stock market has been attributed to President Donald Trump’s promises for tax cuts and deregulation. But long before the election, Elliott wave price patterns already told our subscribers to prepare for a market rally.

Tips for Trading Options with Elliott Waves

In this interview, Wayne Gorman, veteran Elliott wave analyst offers tips and strategies for trading options using Elliott Waves.

Elliott Waves Point to Market Probabilities

The “personality” of a third wave shows itself in recent market action. Third waves are wonders to behold. They are strong and broad, and the trend at this point is unmistakable. … Third waves usually generate the greatest volume and price movement … .

The Basics of Corrective Waves

The first distinction in Elliott Wave Analysis is between “motive” and “corrective” waves. The primary focus of this lesson is the corrective waves. Corrective waves can be either “ZigZag”, “Flat” or “Triangle”.

Warren Buffett says, The Market is a “Drunken Psycho”

When we look at the recent volatility of the market it is easy to become depressed, confused or just plain frustrated (or perhaps even a little of each). Even the legendary investor Warren Buffet says the market is like a “Drunken Psycho”, so what are mere mortals like ourselves to do? In today’s post we get a little peek into how to beat the market.

Elliott Wave Projecting Gold Bottom?

By David A Banister We have been writing about the bottoming process of the Gold Bear Cycle (Elliott Wave Theory) since December 4th 2013, and our most recent article on December 26th reiterated that the best time to accumulate the Gold/Silver stocks was in the December and January window. Specifically this is what we wrote: […]

The 3 Essential Parts of Elliott Wave Trading

Educational trading lessons from “Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading” When it comes to improving your wave-based analysis and technical trades, three steps may sound simple enough. Yet if you have any experience trading, you know that nothing about trading is easy. Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy knows that it takes skill, discipline and courage to […]

The 2 Most Important Keys to Successful Trading

Examples from Whole Foods Market and Reynolds American, Inc show you what to do (or not) to trade successfully with Elliott Wave By Elliott Wave International After 20 years of experience applying the Elliott Wave Principle, Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy says that it remains the one tool that will tell him — down to the […]