Credit Suisse & UBS have a Message for Wealthy Clients

Political uncertainty and geopolitical risks have kept wealthy investors out of the stock market’s rally of new highs. “Now’s the time for them to jump back in and take advantage of the gains still to be made”, say the people looking after their … [Read More...]

Trump Bump Slaughters Market Bears

Originally hedge funds were designed to make modest gains during bull or bear markets but today they are often weighted to make substantial gains during down markets but what happens if the fund is weighted toward the downside and the market rallies … [Read More...]

Will Stocks Finally Break out of the 35 Year Box?

Despite all the talk of the Dow making new highs over the last few years the truth is actually quite different. The way an index is "weighted" can make all the difference in how it looks. In addition indexes that change their composition regularly … [Read More...]

US Drives Global Growth

The US is back in the driver seat again as a sustained and growing economic powerhouse – the Trump Economy. Since the November 2016 elections, the US economic data and outlook have been driving investment in US equities as well as select foreign … [Read More...]

Rare Signal Says Stock Rally Is The Real Deal

Only Three Other Occurrences Since 2002 The True Strength Index (TSI) is a momentum oscillator based on a double smoothing of price changes. As shown in the monthly S&P 500 graph below, a positive momentum crossover (black moves above red) has … [Read More...]

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