Using a High-Confidence Elliott Wave Pattern- The Ending Diagonal

By Elliott Wave International Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy is the editor of Elliott Wave Junctures trader education service and is a very popular  instructor. Jeffrey has taught thousands how to improve their trading through his online courses, his international speaking engagements, and in his trader education service Elliott Wave Junctures. Today, he shares a video […]

The Popgun: A Two-Bar Pattern that Points to Trade Setups

The Popgun Bar Pattern- The popgun is a simple bar pattern trade setup that uses 2 bars that can help you quickly spot a potential trade. It is simply an inside bar followed by an outside bar. Don’t worry if you don’t know an inside bar from your elbow, we’ll explain that in a minute. Although this pattern is nothing […]

A Two-Bar Pattern that Points to Trade Setups

Some people like to get outside on the weekends, maybe playing tennis or working in the yard. Some people like to visit their friends or cook a big meal or go out to see a movie. And some people who are passionate about their work — such as Elliott Wave International’s futures analyst Jeffrey Kennedy […]

A Two-Bar Pattern that Points to Trade Setups

Our futures analyst has discovered and named a two-bar pattern that he calls the Popgun. Why is it special? Because it introduces swift, tradable moves in price that are bound to retract like a popgun — that is, to be significantly retraced.