Anatomy Of A Stock Market Turn

Catch-22 Data Hits Tuesday   Before we begin to examine the recent bottom in the stock market, investors were greeted with an eye-popping nugget of economic data Tuesday morning. From Reuters: The Commerce Department said on Tuesday … [Read More...]

Stock Repurchases Blackboard-Teacher

Beware of Flashy Stock Repurchases When The Market Is on The Rise

By Andrey Dashkov Retail giant Bed Bath & Beyond just announced plans to buy back another $2 billion in shares, which the company will start doing after it completes its current share repurchase program. You’ve seen it before: Press releases … [Read More...]


Adjusting Your Investments

Regular readers know our approach involves meticulously paying attention to known information about the markets and making allocation adjustments when conditions change. Small caps provide a recent example of how this approach can be helpful to … [Read More...]

Oil Chart

WTI Crude Oil on the Move $112 Next Stop

The energy sector has surged during the last two months which can be seen by looking at the XLE Energy Select Sector Fund. If crude oil continues to climb to the $112 level, XLE will likely continue to rally for another few days or possibly week as … [Read More...]


How Should Investors Handle Iraq?

Less than three years after the abrupt U.S. pull-out of Iraq the country is falling apart as Islamic militants who seized cities and towns vowed to march on Baghdad and settle old scores. In northern Iraq, Kurdish security forces moved to fill the … [Read More...]

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