Retesting Market Lows Seeking Support

No Improvement So Far Given the severity of the selloff in stocks in late August, it was not surprising to see the subsequent rally attempts fail. As we noted numerous times in recent weeks, including September 3 and September 17, bottoms tend to be … [Read More...]

Why the Japanese Yen’s Bull Run REALLY Ended

Monetary "Yentervention" did not cause the currency's depreciation -- it only COINCIDED with it By Elliott Wave International Talk about "star" wars. "Asia's biggest action star" Donnie Yen was just cast in the next installment of the … [Read More...]

Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis? The Winner is…

By Elliott Wave International Editor's note: You'll find the text version of the story below the video. Technical versus fundamental analysis: Which approach yields better investment results? A new study by three finance professors offers an … [Read More...]

Elliott Waves Point to Market Probabilities

The "personality" of a third wave shows itself in recent market action By Elliott Wave International A classic issue of The Elliott Wave Theorist published this exchange: Q. Do you believe that the Wave Principle provides for an objective form of … [Read More...]

Global Stocks Slide

Markets are moving! Want to get onboard? By Elliott Wave International "When the alarm goes off and the dreamers awake, it will be pandemonium in the stock market." -- Bob Prechter, from the just-released Elliott Wave Theorist. You would agree … [Read More...]

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