Greek Market Risk

Greece: What Do Investors Need To Know About Risk?

With a vote and subsequent negotiations in Greece, how concerned should investors be? What is contagion and why should we care? How can we monitor risks in Europe over the next few weeks? Historic Vote And Negotiations With the referendum … [Read More...]

Basic Elliottwave Structure

The U.S. Dollar’s 2014-2015 Rally

Editor's Note: The following article is an excerpt from a free 14-page report prepared by Elliottwave International. It shows you how the Elliott Wave Principle applies to Currencies and Foreign Exchange (Forex). ~Tim McMahon, editor Wave 3 in … [Read More...]

Socionomic Theory

The Disruptive New Science that Shatters Today’s Investing Paradigm

Discover a New Way of Thinking About Society and the Stock Market By Elliott Wave International The director of the Socionomics Institute, Mark Almand, came up with an analogy to help explain socionomic causality in people. And I'm so jealous that … [Read More...]

contracting triangle sized

EURUSD: Why Recent Ups and Downs Are NOT Random

How Elliott wave analysis can bring some certainty into the oh-so-uncertain world of forex trading By Elliott Wave International How do you know what "your" forex market will do tomorrow? You don't. We don't. Nobody does. All anyone can do is … [Read More...]

Triangle Pattern

The Basics of Corrective Waves

In today's video Jeffrey Kennedy explains the basics of Elliott Wave analysis. The first distinction is between "motive" and "corrective" waves.  Motive waves provide the majority of the movement while as the name implies corrective waves "correct" … [Read More...]

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