US Drives Global Growth

The US is back in the driver seat again as a sustained and growing economic powerhouse – the Trump Economy. Since the November 2016 elections, the US economic data and outlook have been driving investment in US equities as well as select foreign investment opportunities. The reduction in regulations and business friendly Trump administration seems to have unleashed the hoard of cash and opportunity of the past 7+ years. US and foreign business are, again, “wheeling and dealing” with the intent of generating greater profits and more opportunities.

Despite Weakness, Big Picture Remains Bullish

Bears Calling For Another Top Since the S&P 500 bottomed on June 24, the calls on Twitter for an imminent peak have been frequent. At some point a true trend reversal will come, but thus far Monday’s and Tuesday’s weakness can be placed in the normal volatility category. For the record, even as the S&P […]