How Concerning Are Predictions Of A Stock Market Crash?

Since markets are an extremely difficult and complex animal, our purpose here is not to criticize anyone, but rather to highlight the “grain of salt” nature of any stock market forecast. The dated headlines below featured similar gloom and doom calls, and yet, global markets remain near all-time highs.

How Concerning Is The S&P 500’s Pullback?

This week’s video reviews the impact of the recent pullback on the longer-term outlook. The video also covers the emotional impact of portfolio draw-downs.

Stocks Sideways While Earnings Tank

Stocks have been flat for 17 months while earnings are declining.

What Stock Market Bulls Might Be Overlooking- Video

A growing economy is not necessarily bullish — see for yourself. If a strong economy means a strong stock market, then stocks should have continued higher in 2007 when GDP expanded at 2.7%, unemployment was 4.6% and Consumer confidence was very strong, . They didn’t, instead the Dow fell more than 50% over the next year and a half:

The Big, Bold and Ugly

Since July of 2014 the big cap stocks have continued to make new highs as investors dump more and more money into the stock market. Overall bullishness on the stock market is now at extremely high levels which typically happen before a major stock market correction and sometimes start a full blown bear market.

How to Identify Turning Points in Your Charts Using Fibonacci

Leonardo Fibonacci (aka. Leonardo of Pisa) was the son of a merchant and well educated in the use of numbers while keeping his father’s books but in those days all of Europe used “Roman Numerals” and calculations were difficult. Leonardo was instrumental in bringing the Arabic numeral that we use today to Europe.  But although […]

Stock Market Seasonality: Is it Real?

Stock market performance is often attributed to supposedly predictable seasonal fluctuations, but there are many economists who regard this as taking a far too broad look at movements. They say you can find a pattern in almost anything at the right level of detail, but whether it’s a relevant signal or not is another matter […]

Beware of Bears

The bearish case is beginning to make more and more sense. In my recent NASDAQ ROC stock commentary I warned that based on age alone the bull market is getting “long of tooth” and could generate a sell signal soon. And then we had Obama’s Comments Worry Stock Bulls showing how recent rhetoric by the President […]

Is 2013 Stock Market 2007- Déjà Vu?

After seeing stocks drop over 50% in both the 2000-2003 and 2007-2009 bear markets, investors are understandably hesitant to redeploy their hard-earned money back into stocks. Given the up and down nature of the markets over the last three years, many assume a major peak in stocks must be right around the corner.  Is there […]

Will Raising Interest Rates Give Us a High Probability Short?

We know that  rising interest rates are bad for bonds and gold and are considered good for stocks but in today’s article Chris Ciovacco looks at the effect rapidly rising interest rates can have on the stock market in the near future. ~Tim McMahon,editor 1994 Scenario:  Market’s Worst Nightmare Spike in Rates Could Spook Stocks […]